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Blue Field Agency

is an award-winning and geographically well connected team of marketing, media & technology experts, with a strong network of competences. Our goal is to make a transparent and result-driven contribution to marketing & sales based on the WHY of our customers.

Vision – From traditional agency to in-house agency

Blue Field was founded in 2012 with the belief that the future of technology and marketing will increasingly develop in our favor. Technology changed the game, business issues and consumer behavior are becoming increasingly complex and the current progress in data and technology enables us to achieve better results from marketing and media efforts. But in order to achieve the maximum results, these efforts must come from within the core of the organization.

Mission – Yield Management

We ensure that marketing & media always forms the ultimate reflection of the organization by operating from within the WHY of marketing & media. It gives direction to short and long term goals, like strategy (HOW) and resources and KPIs (WHAT). We call this Yield Management.

“The traditional agency is outdated”

We strongly believe in the power of a new form of marketing: integrated marketing. The traditional volume-driven marketing business model no longer corresponds to the needs and complex behavior of the customer. From this range of ideas a new kind of agency has been created: the in-house agency. The in-house agency arose from the idea that it’s only possible to develop a thorough and successful marketing and media strategy if it is a perfect reflection of the core of the organization and perfectly matches the needs of the customer.

Values – Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Field strongly believes in the power of the Blue Ocean: adding value to your business proposition and reducing costs simultaneously Finding that untouched market: a space where your brand creates a new demand and makes competitors irrelevant. By adding value to your business position you destroy the need for price wars – this differentiation results in considerably lower costs.

The work we deliver to our customers is intended to create Blue Oceans within an increasingly competitive market. The solutions we propose are multi-platform and omni-channel and when they work together, they create the ultimate reflection of our customers.


The collaboration with some of the world’s best technology partners allows us to roll out large-scale projects, implement effective marketing strategies and generally create the best results. Together we extend the boundaries of what is technologically possible and bring ideas to life.


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