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Towards a Future Proof Marketing Apparatus: Building a Team Or Outsourcing Expertise? Why Not Both!

In this day and age, marketing as a craft is diversifying more and more, rapidly becoming a receptacle of different competences and capabilities. Journalism, data science, finance, IT, law, and Human Resources are all part of what used to be ‘just’ marketing and communications.

Understandably so, these developments make building a future proof marketing apparatus an increasingly bigger challenge. Especially when your company is not in the Fortune 500. We often meet clients asking themselves: ‘with todays’ challenges, how do I build a marketing team that does not become obsolete the minute I take my hands off?’

With so many relevant areas of expertise it can be hard for a modern day CMO to establish a team where members 1) live and breathe the company’s purpose and goals, 2) are a specialist within their domain, and 3) play well with other team members that have their own specific set of qualities.

And that’s where we come in.

Brand ambassadors versus Marketing specialists

In our vision, a company needs but a relatively small core of true brand ambassadors: marketing generalists that truly understand the companies’ WHY, serving as the yardstick for all marketing activities, from strategy to execution.

These brand ambassadors must in turn be provided with the expertise of specialists. However: the relevance of expertise can quickly shift. You might be in need of a strategy consultant in one phase, while desiring a content strategist in the next. So why recruit employees whose expertise might only briefly benefit a company’s needs?

Finding the right linking pin

In a networked society, premium human resources are only a connection away, íf you have access to the right linking pin. Blue Field Agency is that linking pin, offering access to top of class business consultants and marketeers when you need them, as long as you need them for.

By keeping the marketing core small and agile, and adding outsourced expertise when needed, together with our clients we build structurally towards accountable and futureproof growth.

Want to know more about what we do? Check out our Marketing as a Service proposition.

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