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GDPR Compliancy

It’s the 25th of may, 2018; D-Day. 
The absolute thriller of the year for almost every company in Europe: would they be GDPR Compliant? 

Data Protection officer? Check!
Plan for reporting data breaches? Got it!
Implementing privacy-by-design for new products and services? Yup!

So, all set. But now what? It has been six months since GDPR took flight throughout Europe. 
What do we see happening in the market place? What has become of all our efforts to become airtight data vessels, unable of leaking anything?

The first GDPR indictments
This week; the first reports came in on GDPR indictments for big corporate data brokers and ad-tech companies like Oracle and Acxiom. Hell, even Uber has been sued for not reporting a data leak. Of course, the verdict is still to be determined.

But we believe that this will be the first in a long series of accusations, creating juridical precedent. Impacting industry giants and smaller companies alike. What does this mean for your business? 

You could just dig in and wait for the smoke to clear. 
See what happens.

Compliancy as a Service
But why wait? Why not have the certainty of GDPR compliancy once and for all? Our Compliancy as a Service (or CaaS for our Dutch friends) provides an integrated and continually updated approach, guaranteeing your GDPR compliancy; now and in the future.

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