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IAB Data & Technology Task Force

In today’s fully networked society, data and technology impact our playing field more than ever. In order to determine which current and future developments are relevant for the marketing sector, the IAB has launched the task force Data and Technology. Senior Partner Erik Klein Nagelvoort has been chosen as task force chairman. Congrats, Erik!

Vision on current developments

“Data and technology are THE enablers for advertisers, agencies, and operators. In my view, data has been playing an integral role in organizations for years now. However, organizations in all shapes and sizes still struggle to translate data to actionable insights as input for strategy. This problem reaches far wider than just marketing or advertising.

The core of the challenge that digital transformation provides, is that there are still so many road blocks to overcome: up to date skills and education, silo thinking and mono channel optimization, the uncovering and evaluation of data, privacy, and so forth. People, process, data, and technology go hand in hand in solving these issues.”

Task Force Goals

The primary goal for the taskforce Data & Technology is to interpret how Marketing Automation contributes to marketing and advertising as a whole, and what the further implications of this contribution are. Topics that will be an integral part of our research are:

By answering these questions, the task force will provide an integral overview of the developments and impact of data & technology in marketing and advertising, now and in the near future.

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