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‘Hey Google, show me the best marketing strategy agency in Amsterdam’

This might sound strange, but voice queries like this will become reality faster than you think.

In 2018, over 50 million U.S. citizens already had access to a smart speaker, supporting voice search. Since this summer, the Dutch version of Google Assistent has become available for Android as well as iOS, with Siri being available already in the Netherlands. Estimates are, that in 2020, half of all search queries will be done via search(!)

Mind boggling numbers, right? But what does this mean for your business and your (online) marketing efforts? Should you put all your eggs in the ‘voice search optimization’ basket? 

Here’s how we feel about it.

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing

Yes, really. Keep focusing on optimizing your content, gathering qualitative links, lightning fast site speed, and so on. Your voice search ranking benefits from your regular SEO activities. So, don’t lose sight of your online foundation.

  1. Keep it simple

Initial research on current voice searches indicate that on average, Google Voice Search show results written on 9th grade level. That means you have to write your content so that someone aged 14 or 15 can understand it. That means; rid yourself of all jargon and buzzwords and start writing for real people.

  1. Keep it nearby

Roughly a third of all voice searches up until now is related to finding local businesses or finding information about local businesses. That makes it all the more important for you to keep a local focus. That means creating a Google My Business, and keeping it updated. But also writing your content in such a way that it’s always linked to where your company is providing its’ service. And naming important information for visitors, such as opening hours, parking space, et cetera!

Of course, the rise of Voice Search has so much more implications for your business, we’re only scratching the surface here. 

However, these three first pointers will help you on your way getting ready in utilizing the potential of voice search. 

Want to know more about how Voice Search will impact your business? Let’s meet up at our Amsterdam HQ!

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