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The future of advertising

The need for attention will not fade away any time soon. The way companies get their attention has changed quite a lot in recent years and will continue to change. The cause of this shift is related to new technology and matching regulations such as GDPR.

So how will advertising develop in the years to come?
We believe advertising will be much broader than just promotion. Opening a new store in a crowded street, for instance, can be a great way of promoting a brand or product. It is about relevance of the brand and product for the customer.

Instead of annoying users with intrusive personalized ads that disrespect their privacy and fulfill only advertisers’ goals, we aim to understand what users actually want, and to anticipate on these needs.

Maybe users see an ad for Uber as they check their social media after a long night working late at the office? Or maybe an ad for Deliveroo as they browse for dinner options at home?

Blue Field Agency believes relevant messages from a customer’s perspective are the only way forward. This why we are a marketing agency and not an advertising agency. We take all perspectives into account. We are Accountable Growth Accelerators.

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