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YouTube Kids finally
in the Netherlands

Around 44 other countries already preceded us, but as of Tuesday, February 5, 2019 it is finally time for YouTube Kids to arrive in the Netherlands. This is what parents want, or is this the new way to keep your child busy with a smartphone or tablet? YouTube Kids doesn’t change anything about this, it only helps to gain more controle over the usage of the device and what kids can see.

What’s the big deal?

There are enough videos on YouTube that you do not want your children to see. And In theory, YouTube Kids offers a customized, child-friendly selection of videos. Although this has gone wrong in the past, Google claims it has learned from these misstepts. There is even a special team set up that determines which YouTube channels are suitable for the app. In addition, parents can create up to eight different profiles, including one with access to videos selected by the parents itself.

Furthermore, YouTube Kids is free and therefore provided with advertising, unless you have a premium subscription. The advertisements are, so far known, focused on children. So no health insurance, washing machines or bloody action films, but children’s toys, children’s series and other child-friendly advertisements will be shown before the video.

Suitable for Apple (iOS) and Google Play (Android)

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