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Motivated Marketing Intern at Blue Field Agency

The world is changing faster than ever before. In the business world, companies have to become more marketing-minded to survive. At Blue Field Agency we help companies with their marketing strategy, tactics and execution in order for them to be successful and make the world a better place. Will you help us do this while becoming a marketing expert in the process?

Blue Field Agency

Our goal is to make a transparent and result-driven contribution to marketing & sales based on the objective and goals of our customers. Blue Field was founded in 2012 with the belief that the future of technology and marketing will increasingly change the game of the industries. Technology changed the game; business issues and consumer behavior are becoming increasingly complex and the current progress in data and technology enables us to achieve better results from marketing and media efforts.

The Blue Field Feeling

As of October, we will be working in our brand-new office! Our team is ambitious, our work space dynamic and we are always up for table football or mini Ping-Pong challenge. Besides the fun, we share a big passion for marketing. On a daily basis we discuss the latest marketing and technological trends and are not afraid to test this to prove and learn from new ideas. Solving business issues for different type of clients is our highest goal and makes us feel good while enjoying our Friday drinks.

Your gains

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Our Requirements

The hiring Process

First we review all applications and do interviews. After the selection process we would like to come to an agreement and offer you a contract. Before you start the job, there will be a training and introduction to the company.

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