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Majo Telco Company

Major Telco Company

A telco company experienced high service costs, customer dissatisfaction and as a result declining revenues and margins. The ambition of the telco was to become market leader.

Blue Field developed a Business Blue Print in close cooperation with senior management. As a follow-up, Blue Field engaged the execution phase on a performance-based agreement with the Telco to align each other’s objectives. The activities from Blue Field ranged from operational performance improvement (reducing costs) to execution of the marketing activation strategy. Amongst others the following interventions have been deployed:

1. Consistent experience across all channels;

2. Clear distinction between sales and service channels;

3. Consistently provided with meaningful solutions which meet or exceed their customer needs and as a result higher customer retention;

4. From data/kpi driven to insights driven way of working;

5. Marketing business case driven strategy implemented across the organization and all channels.

In 1 year, the total customer contacts increased from 72.2 million to 112.5 million. The customer contract requests increased from 15 % to 22 %. Conversion rate increased from 1 % to 3,5 %. As a result, the financial performance boosted, being EUR 455 million revenue increase.

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