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Software Company

Performance over Technology

A high-level and market leading software company experienced declining sales across all channels. The company was clearly in a red ocean as competition was starting to gain market share rapidly. At the same time, our client experienced high service costs, increasing customer dissatisfaction and high contact – low upsell volume.

That’s when we came in..
Blue Field’s first data analysis showed clear sweet spots for new revenue potential and market growth. In order to accelerate Blue Field developed a Blue Print for success.

The Blue Print-Method directly aimed for quick-wins and long-term value. Operational effectiveness, at lower cost immediately increased EBITDA. Revenues and success of sales was optimized by reinventing marketing & sales. The Marketing Business Case made it possible to involve Private Equity for further growth.
Besides optimization within the current market Blue Field Agency lead the organization into an alternative industry & market. – a Blue Ocean.

And these are the results we delivered..
Thanks to setting sail to a new Blue Ocean, within two years, the net benefit of EUR 55 million, and EBITDA performance from 2,1% to 17,3%. Although the share of market did not fully recovered, thanks to the accountable growth model share of market developed from an all time low 22% to 42% within 36 months.
As part of the strategy, the company was sold to an US investor / competitor shortly after the increased financial performance.

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